Harassment/Violence Awareness & Prevention Training

At its Spring 2016 Business meeting (minutes available here), the NPDA membership adopted a lawlaw change (bylaws available here) requiring all members to complete harassment/violence awareness and prevention training (See NPDA Bylaws, Section 1.B-C.). Under that policy, members may either receive training from an appropriate representative of their home institution (typically a Title IX coordinator) or, in instances where such training is not available or feasible, participate in online training provided by the NPDA.

  1. What are my program’s training options?

The preferred option for training is that program’s make use of appropriate offices on their home campus. This is the preferred option because: 1) on-site training creates the opportunity for building collective awareness and dialogue within member programs, 2) on-site training helps build relationships with resources accessible to students throughout the academic year and outside of forensics, 3) on-site training provides the opportunity for a more robust, interactive educational experience than online training can accomplish, and 4) on-site training helps member programs became aware of any unique considerations relevant to their home institution. Programs that choose to receive training from an entity at their home institution should have a representative of that office complete the form available here. Once complete, the form should be submitted to NPDA Vice-President, Jeannie Hunt (). These forms will be maintained by NPDA for verification purposes.

However, there may be several instances where such training may not be available or feasible, e.g., scheduling problems, mid-semester roster changes, last minute judges, etc. In any case where on-site training is not available, the NPDA has created an online training program available to all members free-of-charge. Attached to this message, you will find instructions about how to self-enroll in the course. Once completed, NPDA will maintain a database of those individuals who have completed the online training for verification purposes. You can find instructions for accessing NPDA-provided training here.

  1. By when must my program be trained? 

NPDA policy states that training must be complete by September 30th or prior to a program’s participation in an NPDA tournament. For the 2016-2017 season, this deadline has been extended until October 15, 2016 to allow an opportunity for programs to schedule on-site training or to ensure their team members complete NPDA’s online training. However, programs should make every effort after their initial training to ensure that new students, coaches, and judges participate in on-site or NPDA-provided online training on an on-going basis as their rosters evolve.

  1. What happens if my program or a member of my program doesn’t complete training? 

The consequences for failing to complete training are the same as any NPDA membership requirement, e.g., membership fees. Programs who, in part or in whole, are not in compliance with training requirements may, until corrective actions are taken, have NPDA tournament sanctioning denied or revoked (and/or be denied sanctioning in the future), be ineligible for season-long sweepstakes award consideration, and/or be denied entry in the National Championship tournament. No entry to the NPDA National Championship tournament will be complete until all participants in attendance from a program have provided certification of their training under this policy.

To further clarify, programs that violate the policy will be asked to take corrective action as a first response. Persistent failure to comply and/or make good faith efforts to comply will, like any failure to fulfill membership requirements, warrant more substantial sanctions. However, in every event, consequences will be isolated to the program in violation of the training policy and not bystander programs (e.g., programs that attend a tournament that loses sanctioning under this policy after the fact will not have their points revoked, etc.). For a list of sanctioned tournaments, click here. 

  1. Where do I access the NPDA-provided training? How long will it take? 

The attached PDF provides instructions and screenshots that will guide you through accessing NPDA-provided training. The training will take between 90-120 minutes to complete. You can also access that training here.

  1. Are there any other changes to NPDA harassment and violence policies?

However, both to ensure that appropriate efforts are made to address complaints of harassment/violence and that there is no confusion about how to effectively file a complaint, the NPDA has produced the attached harassment/violence complaint form. This form can also be accessed at this here.

     6.  What if I have more questions?

For questions about the NPDA Title IX training requirement or to file a complaint under NPDA’s Sexual Harassment & Violence Policy, contact NPDA President, Jeannie Hunt: .

For help accessing NPDA training, questions about the training, or questions about submitting verification of on-site training, contact NPDA President, Jeannie Hunt: .

Important Documents

Instructions for accessing NPDA-provided training

NPDA Harassment/Violence Complaint Form

NPDA Title IX Training Verification Form (for programs who arrange training on their home campus)