Spring 2001 Student Business Meeting

Jason Anderson, Pt. Loma Nazarene University presiding.

Jason reported on the business meeting.

  • The business meeting did decide to have a warm room disclosure
  • The amendment to have the student representative and the regional representatives voting at the business meeting failed.
  • Currently, the only vote for the national student representative is through the Executive Council.

Jason Steck of Creighton University brought up two items:

  1. Information about NPTE (National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence): The top 25 teams have received bids. Applications for secondary bids are due to Jason by April 3. Bids will be released on April 7. To make a case for a bid, e-mail the team’s justification for the bid to Jason directly.
  2. There is a parli student e-mail list.

Kyle Myers of Texas Tech University (District 3 Representative) asked for a resolution to be asked of the Executive Council:

  1. A ruling on what is and isn’t sexual harassment.
  2. To inform students and coaches on policies of sexual harassment.

This motion passed unanimously.

Election of National Student Representative:

The following students ran for National Student Representative: Ade Williams, Metro State; Mike Cerulo, Washington University; Rebekah Caruthers, Creighton University; Mark Styczynski, University of Notre Dame; Rob Vartabedian, Texas Tech; Ben Garcia, University of Alaska; Jason Bottlinger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Amy Kalman, Western Washington University; and Brandan Whearty, Northern Arizona University.

The first vote resulted in a tie between Caruthers and Whearty. After a runoff, Rebekah Caruthers of Creighton University was announced as the winner.

Election of District Representatives will take place before the end of the tournament. Districts are asked to find a meeting time on their own.

The meeting was then adjourned for the annoucnement of the partial quad round.

Meeting minutes transcribed by: Dr. Michael Dreher, Bethel College (MN), NPDA Webmaster