Spring 2002 Student Business Meeting

Meeting called to order by Rebekah Caruthers, Student Representative at 3:10 p.m.

1. Rebekah discusses the tab room situation from this past weekend. There were technical problems that were fixed by the tab room. Jack Rhodes offered his apologies through Rebekah.

2. Rebekah relayed the decision at the business meeting to allow the NPDA Student representative and the district representatives to vote at each of the business meetings.

3. Rebekah thanked the district representatives for their work during the past year (Andrea Saenz, UCLA; B.J. Southard, Willamette; Rob Vartebedian, Texas Tech; Sarah Brill, Concordia-NE; Brian Amsden, Truman; Arun Skaria, Univ. of Florida; Kyle DeBeer, Colorado College)

4. Jeff Edwards, University of California-Berkeley, discussed the Committee on Sexual Harrassment. The policy has been inclusive of transgender and intersex persons. Each coach or team representative was given a copy of the committee’s pamphlet at registration.

There is also a mentoring program for women in NPDA — forms are available for mentors and mentorees. The goal is to help decrease barriers for female participation in NPDA, especially after the novice level.

5. Jed Link, University of Southern California, was asked to talk about the Net Benefits website. Jed mentioned that there will be forums that will be available for each district that will be moderated by the new district representatives.

6. B.J. Southard, Willamette University, ran the elections for the National Student Representative. The following students ran for student representative: David Galivan, Metro State University; Kyle DeBeer, Colorado College; Dan Pawson, Claremont Colleges; Darren Sliney, Texas Tech University; Lucas Scripter, Bethel College-MN; Rebekah Caruthers, Creighton University; and Kiki Malauehornvil, Regis University. The election then went to a runoff between Darren Sliney from Texas Tech and Rebekah Caruthers from Creighton University. The winner (by one vote) was Darren Sliney, Texas Tech University.

The meeting was then adjourned to announce the 8th round pairings.

Notes transcribed by: Dr. Michael Dreher, Webmaster, NPDA