Spring 2004 Student Business Meeting

California State University, Northridge, April 9, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Keith West, National Student Representative at 3:53 p.m.

1. Report from the Constitutional Convention – Prescott. Many of these have been discussed at NCA/Nationals. Some are consistency related issues.

Breaking of brackets for nationals will happen for the 2005 national tournament. Redistricting is also going to a national ballot as well.

2. Nationals are in Lubbock next year — a reminder that Lubbock is in a dry county.

3. Question about banquet fees — has this been dealt with? Not yet. Keith suggests that the incoming student representative deal with this situation.

4. Nominations for National Student Representative:

  • Ian Samuel – Truman State (Accessibility and known to the student body. Banquet is an issue. Want to hear what students say about how judges. Give initative to student voices).
  • Scott “Scooter” Thompson – Whitman College (advocating for MPJ, increased student participation into the topics – i.e., input into the topic selection committee, reducing cost of the banquet, increased communication between students – NPDA)
  • Elizabeth Ahlquist – UC-Berkeley (Things that are of interest to students as a whole are put at the bottom of the agenda… i.e., bracket breaking at the top of the agenda. Regional issues – concern about regionalism.
  • Marie Tenny – Truman – declines.

The first election resulted in lack of a majority. The second election voted for Elizabeth Ahlquist.

Minutes transcribed by: Dr. Michael Dreher, NPDA Webmaster