Spring 2005 Student Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Alquist, UC-Berkeley, the current student representative.

Reports from the Fall and Spring business meetings:

1. Fall business meeting: The banquet is now optional for the host – and is no longer a requirement of the bid. So, it is likely in 2006 that there may not be a banquet.

2. NPDA All-American Award – this will start in 2005-2006. This is designed for those who are in their final year of competition. There will be a 3.5 minimum GPA requirement, along with service. We encourage all schools to submit information.

Webmaster clarification: This is also for 2-year schools, not just 4-year schools.

3. At the fall business meeting: Season sweepstakes. Spring – Now top 4 teams instead of 2, only count last 4 preliminary rounds. Only first 2 outrounds will be counted.

Webmaster clarification: Previously, tournaments with 3-4 prelim rounds still counted; they just didn’t count as much as other tournaments did.

4. If you have any other changes that you would like, you can offer them as constitutional bylaw revisions. Send them to .

We encourage you to attend the Spring business meeting. Many schools are not in attendance, so you could actually vote for your school.

5. Gender/equity issues – Nothing was submitted, so that’s why the meeting didn’t happen.

Nominations for student representative: Caitlyn Ross (Colorado College), Mike Dorsi (UC-Berkeley), Shea Lincoln (Seattle Univ.)

  • Mike Dorsi – Able to get things done at NPDA Business Meeting. Will represent.
  • Caitlin Ross – Biggest issues is transparency and outreach. Wants to see increased use of parli-student listserv, outreach (esp. in East Coast).
  • Shea Lincoln – Biggest issues are too much politics, not enough significant change in the status quo.

After a runoff, Caitlin Ross was elected as the new student representative.

Minutes transcribed by Dr. Michael Dreher, NPDA Webmaster