National Parliamentary Debate Association

1994 Nationals Results

Tournament Location: Colorado College

Status of results: Partial results

The copy I’m working from only had one side of the prelim tabs copied. Thus, I’m missing all even-numbered pages.  Anyone who has the other names not included should send them to


  • University of New Mexico RS defeated Creighton University (Aimee Kudlacz and Diana Thomson)
  • Willamette University BP defeated Wichita State University BS (Bond Benton and Ben Sutherland)
  • Eastern New Mexico University GH defeated Colorado College CT (??? and Jeff Tieman)
  • Creighton University DR defeated Air Force Academy (Ryan Kenney and John Meiter)
  • Rice University LR defeated Black Hills State (Jim Dimock and Peggy Volmer)
  • University of New Mexico DW defeated University of Southern Colorado NS (??? and Ted Scutti)
  • Regis University PS defeated Regis University DH
  • Creighton University JW defeated University of Wyoming (Ryan Clark and Tomas Pacheco)


  • University of New Mexico RS defeated Creighton University (John Jones and James Wright)
  • Regis University PS defeated Willamette University BP (Wardeh Bisharat and Bonnie Pennebaker)
  • University of New Mexico DW defeated Eastern New Mexico University (Dawn Gaynor and Justin Hammons)
  • Creighton DR defeated Rice University LR (Ryan Levy and Scott Ruthfield)


  • University of New Mexico RS defeated Creighton University (David Dirgo and Shayla Reed)
  • Regis University PS defeated University of New Mexico DW (Stacy Dunivan and Nathan Wade)


  • Regis University (Tammy Schultz and Marcus Paroske) defeated University of New Mexico (Andrea Roth and Robert Stone)

Speaker Awards:

Place/Speaker: School: Total Speaker Points:
1st – Andrea Roth University of New Mexico 168
2nd – Robert Stone University of New Mexico 167 (112 double adjusted)
3rd – Anne Jones Regis University 167 (111 double adjusted)
4th – Ben Sutherland Wichita State 165 (220 total)
5th – Ted Scutti University of Southern Colorado 165 (219 total)
6th – Jeff Tieman Colorado College 164
7th – Justin Hammons Eastern New Mexico University 162 (217 total)
8th – Shayla Reed Creighton University 162 (216 total)
9th – Marcus Paroske Regis University 162 (214 total)
10th – Jim Dimock Black Hills State College 161 (216 total)
11th – Scott Fuqua Eastern New Mexico University 161 (215 total)
12th – Mary Welch Creighton University 161 (213 total)
13th – Ed Horejs Regis University 161 (211 total)
14th – David Dirgo Creighton University 161 (judge variance)
15th – Nathan Wade University of New Mexico 161
16th – Tammy Schultz Regis University 160 (214 total)
17th – Scott Ruthfield Rice University 160 (212 total)
18th – John Meiter Air Force Academy 159 (judge variance)
19th – Ryan Levy Rice University 159 (212 total)
20th – Wardeh Bisharat Willamette University 159 (211 total)

Tournament Sweepstakes:

  • 1st place – Creighton University